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Indian Springs Golf Course Trophy

indian-springs-golfAs the author of a book on the History of Clintonville, I often get fun calls from people who own a tiny bit of Clintonville history and want a bit more. This morning was one of those days. Ian Crowe called me from Utah. He’d purchased a trophy at a local estate sale, and was wondering where the trophy was from and who won it.

The trophy was for an Indian Springs Golf Club, in 1931. Could it be Clintonville’s own Indian Springs Golf Club?

Apparently Ian had called quite a few golf clubs by the same name, until he found my web site.

I referred the question to Scott Caputo at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. His research can be found here. He learned that the golf course did exist in 1931–Indian Springs Golf Club was listed in the telephone directory as early as 1929, and had been issued a building permit for a new clubhouse in 1931. He learned that there was a Norman I. Blanchard living on 385 Wyandotte, just 3-1/2 miles from the course. According to census records, Norman would have been about 23 or 24 at the time of the tournament.


So, the trophy is extremely likely to have come from the Clintonville golf course.

When I exclaimed that the trophy was really a martini shaker, I was informed that this was a very common form of golf trophy back then.

Great job, Scott!

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