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Indian Springs Golf Club

The 46-acre Indian Springs Golf Course extended east of High Street to Indianola, north of East Cooke Rd and south of Schreyer. It opened as a 18-hole course in 1931 and closed circa 1947 as a 9-hole course. The Indian Springs Village subdivision was built in this location around 1947. (Photo courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Libraries)

3 Responses to “Indian Springs Golf Club”

  1. Michael Finn Says:

    Does anyone know if a map of the Indian Springs golf course exists?


  2. Michael Finn Says:

    Do you know the approximate location of the golf club house. Since moving into the area I’ve heard several locations claimed. Someone told me that the club house was located where my property now stands.


  3. John Petro Says:

    I’m sure the dare of closing is wrong. I moved to Columbus in June, 1952, as a teenager and I remember playing Indian Springs as a 9 hole course in the summer of 1953. I don’t recall a clubhouse

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