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Sam Roshon, a former history department librarian at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, wrote this article about the original zoo for the present Columbus Zoo. The two zoos aren’t related except by sharing in the happy memories of Clintonville residents.


3 Responses to “Zooland”

  1. Eric Pahlke Says:

    Do you have a date for the article Mr. Roshon wrote entitled An Early Zoo in Columbus?

  2. shyatt Says:

    Sorry, I do not, and I no longer have any notes associated with this article. (I gave all my files to the Clintonville Historical Society.) I know that the article came originally from the Columbus Metropolitan Library and they may have that information.

  3. Mary Lynn Buster Says:

    Shirley – my husband and you corresponded years ago and our home is actually published in your book. We would love to have a copy of the print of Zooland from Old Beechwold to enlarge and hang in our home. Any idea how we can get a copy of this terrific piece?

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