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Zinn’s Lumber Yard

In 1892 at the age of 21, Mr. J. Harvey Zinn opened the lumber company at 19 East Hudson Street in partnership with Mr. S. M. Coe. Four years later he bought out Mr. Coe’s interest and built up the largest lumber yard in the city, both from the standpoint of size and from the amount of business done per year. This is a picture of Zinn’s Lumber Yard and workers. In November 1924 the Zinn Lumber Company caught fire and burned to a loss of $141,000. It was the largest fire in the city for that year. In 1931 Zinn was made vice-president of the Northern Savings Bank located at 2619 North High Street, and soon was promoted to President. Zinn divided his time between the two businesses.

As Bob Ohaver’s oral history explains, Zinn owned land along the Olentangy River from North Broadway to Kenworth Road, and in 1926 he built a residence at 285 Kenworth Road.

Zinn was one of the 4 people who cut the ribbon when the North Broadway bridge was dedicated in 1939.


3 Responses to “Zinn’s Lumber Yard”

  1. donald noble jr Says:

    I remember the lumber yard still standing into the late 50’s or early 60’s at Hudson & High. My grandmother lived across the street in a big green house at Thompkins & High, next door to the Little Theater. My first savings account was at the Northern bank when I was 11 or 12. I remember the Hudson Pharmacy on the NW corner and Leon’s shoe store a bit farther north on the same side of the block. He had one of those x-ray machines where you could see your feet inside your shoes. I actually lived on Lane Ave below Neil but kids in those days went everywhere on bicycles.

  2. Amanda Says:

    James Harvey Zinn is my Great Great Grandfather. It is amazing to see how much of an impact on Franklin County he truly made. Thank you for writing this. His daughter Lillian Zinn was my great grandmother whom I had the gift of knowing before her passing, Lillian’s daughter Marcia made an impact like her grandfather upon Upper Arlington in Franklin County.

  3. James Says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I am doing research on the Olde North Columbus neighborhood where your great, great Grandfather and great grandmother lived. Would you mind speaking with me sometime?
    If you are willing, you can contact me at poeticchampions@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much.


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