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Wish list for photographs

My wish list for photographs (an ongoing list):

  • Bliss College
  • Bowling Alley at Graceland
  • Bowling alley on High Street between Oakland Park and Dunedin
  • Broadway Canoe Club
  • Capitol Dougnuts
  • Clinton League’s tennis courts on Dunedin
  • Clintonville Bridge Club
  • Clintonville Lumber Company
  • Columbus Canoe Club (on Orchard)
  • Cyro’s Market
  • Ferrill’s at Graceland
  • Fleming’s Book Store at Graceland
  • Florence Restaurant (advertised in 1927 as being “Clintonville’s Best and Most Popular Eating Place,” at 3274-76 North High)
  • Gratziano’s Market
  • Hansen’s Bakeries
  • Indiaoaka Service Station
  • Murry’s, the IGA where Weiland’s Market is today
  • Whip’s Vegetable Garden, at 4558 North High Street, at “Mill Road” (Weisheimer Road today)
  • Santa arriving at Graceland (on the Friday after Thanksgiving) by helicoptor

5 Responses to “Wish list for photographs”

  1. James York III Says:

    Here is my wish list for some pictures, The old house that sat at the NW corner of EN Broadway and Indianola, and a little history on it. A picture of the old Rail Road crossing at Oakland Park, replaced in 1963 by the Broadway underpass. A picture of the Kroger store that is now Auto Zone. Any of the many gas stations that use to be on High St. taken when they where still there and still gas stations. Some shots of the Clinton Theator inside and out. (By the way would one of you millionares buy that building and restore it to it’s former glory?) Heres one for you how about a picture of Islies ice cream at the SW corner of Broadway and High st. A picture of Buckeye Mart on Indianola. Any pictures of Clintonville/Beechwold while under construction. I could go on and on !!

  2. shyatt Says:

    There is a picture of Acton Place, aka the Daniel house, located at the NW corner of E. North Broadway and Indianola, in my book on page 19. There is a picture of it burning down on this web site. (Search “Acton Place.)
    There is a picture of Buckeye Mart in my book on page 69.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    –S. Hyatt

  3. Jim Says:

    Do you have any pictures of Santa arriving at Graceland (on the Friday after Thanksgiving) especially the arrivals by helicoptor?

  4. shyatt Says:

    Sorry, I do not! I’ve added your suggestion to my wish list.

  5. Greg Falor Says:

    My stepmother was a cashier at Cyro’s Market and good friend of Rowena Cyro and her husband. She lives in Madison, In now but I will see if she has any pictures. And oh, the memories of the theatre! Last time I was in there was for a double-feature (Frogs and The House that Dripped Blood w/ Vincent Price) My best buddy and I dressed-up for the contest (it was a Halloween showing) That would have been circa 1972 or so. I was only 8 but I remember it like it was yesterday! I would love some photos from inside the old Pacemont Drugstore. I grew-up on W. Pacemont and fondly remember the phosphates and chocolate Cokes that sweet, very old druggist made for us kids!

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