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The River

I assume this late 1930s picture was taken somewhere along the Olentangy River in the area of Clintonville. Note that both the trees and the stone structure are actually in the water. Does anyone out there recognize the location? [From a North High Memory Book]


3 Responses to “The River”

  1. mary harrison Says:

    (I hope I’m not duplicating my own response…) I would respectfully disagree that the stone structure is in the water. There are faint tire tracks to the left of it. I wonder if this could be Northmoor Park just north of EN Broadway. I used to live on Orchard Lane 30 years ago when the bike path first opened. Northmoor Pk was a grassy area along the river with a stone wall or revetment along the riverbank on the east side of the river which kept the park land from sloping down to the water’s edge. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the top of the stone wall there running from the left edge of the photo. Farther in the distance, the wall curves to the left and you can see the side of it. This perspective makes the river look very narrow here.

  2. Kristin Says:

    We were going to say maybe Northmoor Park as well. It certainly looks like it could be by that picture, but not sure.

  3. Bob Patton Says:

    It looks like the WPA marker in Northmoor Park from 1934 dedicating the construction of the park. Looks like the time when a park road went through the park to a turnaround before the woods. No bike path.

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