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The Mysterious Grace Backenstoe

There is a new gastropub at Graceland Shopping Center, cutely named Pat and Gracie’s. The tavern is named after the early 20th century gambler who owned the land upon which Graceland Shopping Center was built: Pat Murnan and his wife Grace Backenstoe. The restaurant owners are on a quest to find an image of Grace Backenstoe. (They already have pictures of Pat.) Does anyone out there have one? Let me know and I’ll post it here as well as forward it to the restaurateurs. And thanks!

[Update: my update on this topic at here.]

2 Responses to “The Mysterious Grace Backenstoe”

  1. Mike Murnan Says:

    We all know that Grace was camera shy but her image may have been captured in a group photo. Someone must have this in a family photo album. I’ll buy a beer for who ever comes up with this.

  2. Jeff Berichon Says:

    We found a picture of Aunt Gracie in an old family photo album and a copy of it is now hanging proudly on the wall at Pat & Gracie’s. My great grandmother and uncles used to travel down from Cleveland to Columbus to ride horses at Pat & Gracie’s horse farm.

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