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Schreyer house

How I would love to acquire a picture of the old Schreyer House. This was described as being one of the first high-class homes in its neighborhood. The property was 50 acres, from High Street to the Olentangy River, bounded by Henderson to the south and the “Stewart and Weisheimer farms to the north.” The grand house was built by Barney Phinney (one of the owners of the Worthington Pike) about 1893, and was subsequently sold to G. Schreyer, a Columbus stove and furnace manufacturer.

Two excellent orchards grew on the place. A windbrake of splendid walnut trees protected one orchard and a row of fine maples formed the windbrake for the other. There was also a very good spring just west of what is now Rosemary Parkway. Surrounded by rose gardens and shrubbery, the house was an imposing structure with pointed gables and the interior finished throughout with solid walnut.

Mr. Schreyer died in 1901, and his wife (Ernestine Zeller, after whom Zeller Road was named) moved elsewhere. The old Schreyer house was eventually subdivided into apartments. The house burned down in 1913; the Columbus Fire Department had been called but could not respond, because there were no water lines in that vicinity at the time. The land was purchased by Charles Johnson in 1923 and subdivided into the Rosemary Development.

And as a side note: “Rosemary” was the name of Charles Johnson’s mother.

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3 Responses to “Schreyer house”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Shirley – Love this site and the history of our neighborhood! Looking forward to your book release.

    I live at 59 W. Schreyer (built in 1940) and was told it was a Better Homes and Garden’s Show home in 1941. Have not been able to find any supporting documentation through the public library, BH&G, Sears books, etc. Two homes on Olentangy are the same as mine. Any suggestions?

  2. Kay Vance Says:

    I lived from 1963-1972 in the apartment above the garage(originally the servant’s quarters above the stables) I remember Dr. Sophie Rogers owned it at the time my mother and I moved in. Upon her death Dr. Eleanor Luthard of Cleveland. It was Peter Pan Playhouse when I lived there. There were many rooms and might have had original furnishings. I would love to see pics of this old house, which was located at the NE corner of Schreyer and High. Do you have any more info about this wonderful old house?

  3. Valerie Says:

    I understand that our house on west dominion was one of the original 10 in the Rosemary development, built around 1926. I found the names of the Doddridge family in Maple Grove’s membership registry from 1928 with our address, but I haven’t been able to learn any more about the house and the neighborhood. Any ideas where to look? Thanks!

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