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Patrick Murnan

Patrick Murnan lived from 1866-1937, and owned about 700 acres along North High Street north of Morse Road.  I’m not going to repeat the story of Murnan here; it’s in my book. But, here’s a photo of the man himself.


3 Responses to “Patrick Murnan”

  1. Joseph Pace Says:

    My grandmother, Mary Francis Murnane , told a story of inheriting grace land when Patrick passed away. Being a good catholic and that land came from dishonesty money she donated the property to nuns.The nuns than sold it to get money to start a new convent. I am curious if there any paperwork or information to back up this story . If you have anything let me know. Thanks – Joseph Manuel Pace.

  2. Mary Rodgers Says:

    The generally told story is that when Pat died, the property transferred to his wife Grace. A lawsuit ensued between his wife Grace and the children of his marriage to Carrie. That lawsuit continued and was still in progress when Grace passed away in 1939.

    The Franklin County Recorder’s website has a deed dated 1922 (years before Pat’s death) supporting the transfer of Graceland to Grace. That deed was filed with the county in 1937-when Pat died. The Recorder also shows a 1947 transfer from Grace to Catholic Diocese of Columbus. That transfer was executed by the Executor of Grace’s estate. Her will stipulated that her assets be liquidated and the proceeds be paid over to her half brother- James Devaney and his heirs. Could your grandmother be a descendent of Grace’s brother James?

  3. Mary Rodgers Says:

    I did some checking. Your grandmother appears to be the daughter of Thomas Murnan, Pat’s brother. When Pat died, Grace produced a deed, dated 1922, transferring the Graceland property to her. That deed was recorded with Franklin County in 1937 when Pat died. Pat’s estate was contested. Stories had it that relatives did not believe Pat and Grace were ever married. A court battle ensued. During that battle, Grace died. Grace’s will asked that all her assets be sold, her debts paid and any net proceeds given to her half brother James Delvanney. According to the county records, Graceland was sold to the Catholic Church by Grace’s executor in 1947. The Church considered building a school on the site but ultimately choose to sell the land in the early 1950s. It is very possible that your grandmother inherited land once owned by Pat. He had quite a bit. And, the family was very attached to the Catholic Church so it is possible that land was given to nuns. A possible next step would be be consult the Church office here in Columbus.

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