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Other early settlers…

include the Smiths, Websters, Coes, Whipps, Hunts, Wilsons, Bucks, and the Cookes. John Buck acquired land around Henderson and High early on, and then sold some of the land to Chauncey Cooke. Cooke in turn donated the land to the Clinton Township in 1842 to be used as a school.

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2 Responses to “Other early settlers…”

  1. Scott Caputo Says:

    Hi Shirley,
    What a great website. I am going to purchase a copy of the book as soon as it comes out. Clintonville certainly has it’s share of old & unusual houses. Back in the early 1980s my wife and I were looking at houses and visited the one at 83 E. Como. It looks very different now with the vinyl siding and large addition . Most of the woodwork was walnut and the original four room home was probably constructed in the early to mid 1800s. We were told by one of the neighbors that it “most definitely” was the oldest standing structure in Clintonville and was originally located just off High Street. We passed this home up because of the extensive termite damage to the four hand hewn beams supporting the main floor. The cellar had been converted into a shower room and probably served as a decontamination chamber for the large bomb shelter located under most of the back yard. I was just wondering if you happened to have any information on the history of this hidden jewel of Clintonville or it’s original owners.

  2. sh Says:

    I included 83 East Como in my book, Clintonville and Beechwold, though the photograph included in the book is contemporary. The house was originally owned by Dr. Nathan Thompson Bull, son of Thomas Bull. His house was built in 1846 and located on what has become the northeast corner of High Street and East Como Avenue. The house was moved in the 1930s to 83 East Como Avenue. I have never been inside the house–thanks for describing it to us!

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