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Notable people

I had originally planned to include a chapter in my book about notable Clintonville residents. Oddly, I was unable to acquire a balanced set of information about Clintonville’s notables. But here are the names of some of those who were nominated, either renowned for their contribution to Clintonville or because they were renown in their chosen field:

  • Armbruster, Mathias (lived at 3100 North High Street where Southwick-Good & Fortkamp Funeral Chapel now stands)
  • Barker, Skip, d. 2008
  • Breunig, Sarah—civic leader (Glenmont Ave.)
  • Dawson, Harold
  • Dodge, Mel (201 Girard Ave)
  • Dupre, Dallas–landscape architect (whose office was at 3073 North High) who is credited with founding the nation’s system of roadside parks
  • Gessaman, Myron–Columbus mayor (he lived at 4206 Fairoaks Avenue and also at 147 Rustic Bridge Road)
  • Gillie, William and Catherine
  • Gowdy, Harry “Hank” (address listed as 384 Fallis Road)
  • Graham, A.B.–founder of 4-H Clubs (lived at 159 Clinton Heights Avenue)
  • Herbert, Paul M. (307 Olentangy Blvd.)
  • Hollenback, Rand & his son Donal
  • Hutchins, Edward F., 1925-2005, Dispatch writer, park director from 1971 – 1990s (5301 North High Street Apt. C)
  • Jeffrey, Joseph A.
  • Koblentz, Morris
  • Koch, Freda Postle–journalist, writer and civic leader (Oakland Park Avenue)
  • Marshall, George Sidney, 1869-1956–Columbus mayor
  • Martin, James Boyd—architect (East North Broadway)
  • Moose, Bill–last of the area’s local Wyandot Indians
  • Morrill, Paul–artist
  • Murnan, Patrick–owned a horse farm where Graceland Shopping Center now stands
  • Nicodemus, Chester–artist (Clinton Heights Avenue)
  • Reinhardt, Dana–Columbus mayor
  • Rhodes, Jim–Ohio Governor
  • Rogers, Carl–psychologist (lived at 4857 Rustic Bridge while a professor at OSU)
  • Scott, William H.– president of OSU
  • Sensenbrenner, Jack, 1902 – 1991–Columbus mayor
  • Shannon, Fred–photographer
  • Thomas, Edward Sinclair–naturalist
  • Tyack, George E. (69 Croswell Road, in 1960)

There are of course many others and I welcome input on this list


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