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Mathias Armbruster

Mathias Armbruster was born in Wurtenburg Germany in 1839 and came to the U.S.A. in 1858. He operated Armbruster Scenic Studios in Columbus—he painted scenic theatrical stage sets. Armbruster purchased the area around what is now known as Walhalla Ravine, and converted Clinton Chapel at 3100 North High Street into his private residence. His son Albert’s house was just north of Mathias’ home, where the parking lot for Southwick-Good-Fortkamp funeral home now is. Mathias eventually sold most of the acreage to a real estate developer, and helped name the streets after his beloved Wagner Ring Operas.

Mathias died in Columbus in 1920. Here he is shown looking west from the cupola on his roof. (Photo courtesy of Leeann Faust)

In the center, a view of High Street taken from Armbruster’s cupola; Olentangy Park is in the background. (Photo courtesy of Leeann Faust)

The photo on the right shows Albert Armbruster’s house. (Photo courtesy of Leeann Faust)

7 Responses to “Mathias Armbruster”

  1. noel pallas Says:

    so,,, Leeann, What was our Grandfather’s name ? I can not remember . All I remember is uncle Albert, Who I met.

  2. Leeann Faust Says:

    Our grandfather’s name was Emil. He died when my mother was 8 months olsd and yours was 3 years old. When he got sick they moved in with their grandparents at 3100. They lived there until Mathias died. Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Jack bought the houe and they moved in with Kunt Katie and Uncle Pete until Grandmother married Mr. Cramer.. They both spent a lot of time in the house. In fact that was where my parents first date took place. –Leeann

  3. Bob Armbruster Says:

    Very interesting to see the other side of my Great Grandfathers Family.

  4. Diane (Armbruster) Eichler Says:

    I found this website while researching information about Mathias. My father is Don Armbruster, grandson of Otto (Albert & Emil’s brother). I am so interested in the history about my ancestors, please let me know how to get in touch to learn more.

  5. shyatt Says:

    Hi Diane,
    I assume you know Leeann Faust who lives in Columbus? She is the go-to person for all things Armbruster! Most of my pix came from Leeann. Email me directly to clintonvillebook AT gmail.com and I will email you copying her.

  6. Don Armbruster Says:

    I’m Leeann’s cousin, great grandson of Mathias Armbruster. I just learned that Leeann passed and would like to get together with other relatives and exchange information. My daughters Diane and Angela and my three deceased brothers daughters would love to know more about their family heritage.

  7. Don Albert Armbruster Says:

    I would like to contact Bob Armbruster to swap information on Mathias Armbruster family. I would also like to have copies of any Armbruster pix, now that Leeann is deceased.

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