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James G. Bull

James G. Bull (1838-1927) was a grandson of Thomas Bull. James served as Columbus Mayor from 1865 to 1868 and from 1871 to 1875. His grandfather, Thomas Bull, was the first white settler of the area and James’ father, Alonson Bull, founded Clintonville in 1846. (Photo courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Libraries)

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3 Responses to “James G. Bull”

  1. Marty Cottrill Says:

    I think the middle name of James G. Bull is Gilruth. I noticed that when researching my Beers ancestors (from the same part of Columbus). My great-great-grandmother’s brother, born the same year as James, was named Elias Gilruth Beers. Well, it also happens that a well-known and highly respected circuit rider who covered their area around that time was named James Gilruth. He was known for his compelling preaching but also for his impressive size and strength. My guess is that both the Beers and Bull parents chose the ir boys’ names with the hope that they would emulate some of the preacher’s moral and physical strength.

  2. Sharon Brevoort Says:

    “Columbus Mayors” indicates that “The mayor’s parents were Alonson and Hannah Bull; his middle initial stood for Gilbrugh.” No sources were provided, however, so it remains to be verified.

    A search on Ancestry.com brought up no one with the surname “Gilbrugh” in Ohio or even in the US, and many with the surname “Gilruth.” Since the Bulls, Brevoorts, Hunts, and many other Clintonville residents were members of the Clinton Chapel, Methodist Episcopal Church, and the minister of that church was Rev. Jason Bull, James Bull’s uncle, I think Marty’s hypothesis is a good one.

  3. Sharon Brevoort Says:

    I found the evidence for James G. Bull’s middle name, and it is “Gilruth”.
    (1) It’s in the death record for his son, Jason Henry Bull, at FamilySearch.
    (2) It’s in his Civil War pension papers.
    (3) It’s in catalogues for the Sigma Chi Fraternity, at Google Books; James attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he joined Sigma Chi.
    (4) It’s repeated in various records for his son, James G. Bull, Jr.

    So “Columbus Mayors” had it wrong after all! Good thinking, Marty!

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