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How did I decide?

I’ve received a few questions about how I went about collecting photographs for my Clintonville and Beechwold book—and why I left some subjects out. Here’s my process. I began by identifying and contacting all the churches and schools in Clintonville. Some churches, like Crestview Presbyterian, had no photographs; others did not, for one reason or another, return my calls. I also hung flyers around town requesting photographs, and spoke with local merchants. I notified The Booster, This Week in Clintonville and several alumni newsletters; both newspapers and several newsletters ran articles about my project. I held open scanning sessions at Clintonville Historical Society meetings and at the Whetstone Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library. I researched history and made lots calls to families and businesses that had a hand in creating Clintonville’s history. And so on…

4 Responses to “How did I decide?”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hey, I love your website with all the pics! I am 42 and grew up in Clintonville, on Northmoor, the white house on the very corner! I have fond memories of many of the businesses there. (that once were there) and would love to find/see photos
    Capitol Dougnuts
    Jimmy’s Drug Store
    Como Bakery!!! do you know where I could find some pics or history on these!
    thank you!!!!

  2. shyatt Says:


    I have a picture of Como Bakery in my book, page 57.
    I have a picture of Jimmie’s Drug Store, and I will post it to the web site soon.
    I have been unable to locate a picture of McCarthy’s drugstore. His son still lives in the family home in Clintonville, and has no photos of the drugstore. (See also the entry on my web site for Clintonville Pharmacy.)

    Where was the Doughnut shop? I will add it to my “wish list”, which is also on the web site.

    Thanks for your interest!


  3. Eric Richards Says:

    Did you ever find any pictures of Jimmy’s Drug Store?

  4. shyatt Says:

    Yes; see my post at http://clintonvillehistory.com/jimmies/.

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