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Consider my book for your holiday shopping…

Do you have a parent or friend who lived or lives in Clintonville? Of course you do! My book Clintonville and Beechwold makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer. You can buy it from this web site, at Giant Eagle in Clintonville, or at most bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. If you buy it from this web site, I will be happy to inscribe it to the person you are giving it to. (Please note: If you are unable to place an order on this web site, just email me and PayPal me the appropriate amount of money.)

One Response to “Consider my book for your holiday shopping…”

  1. Cathy Thompson Says:

    I have a copy of your book and treasure it. Thank you for continuing to update this site. I appreciate all the work you do to unearth our marvelous Clintonville history!

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