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Como Park…

was originally called the American Legion Park Playground, presumably because Post 82 owned it or gave it as a gift to the community. Today there is a conical mound at the park. The mound was “built” sometime in the 1960s (tentative date) from the dirt displaced by sewer line construction.

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  1. James Falor Says:

    I grew up on W. Pacemont only a hundred yards from the park and the picture is Clinton Park–not Como–which is a little bit south along the river. Also, the dirt mound came from the construction of the apartments seen in the background. They sit where there used to be woods and a fabulous series of hills we called “Devil’s Dips.” We loved to ride our bikes up and down the dips and my father tied a rope swing for us that we would swing from the top of the hills clear out over where the apartments now stand. We played all over that hill when it was created–throwing rocks and clods of dirt at each other. That was 1971-72.

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