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Clintonville in Historical Markers Programs

At present Clintonville has 3 historical markers that are on the Ohio Historical Markers Program.

An additional marker in Clintonville was originally sponsored by the Franklin County Historical Society and recently “adopted” by the Clintonville Historical Society. It has recently been refurbished and returned to its original location on the northeast corner of North Broadway and North High Streets. (In 1971 it was moved from the North Broadway location to a spot near the Clintonville Women’s Club to make way for a gas station at North Broadway & High.) The pictures below show the marker before it was refurbished by the Clintonville Historical Society.

There may be other markers in Clintonville and if so I would love to learn about them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more of Clintonville’s history told via these markers? For starters, here is a list of possibilities (in no particular order):

  • Site of Olentangy Park
  • Site of Olentangy Bowling Alley, reputed to be the first automatic pin-setting machine
  • Site of Virginia Gay Home
  • Site of old Columbus Zoo
  • Clinton Chapel at 3100 North High Street
  • Cemetery at Clinton Chapel
  • Site of first (original) Clintonville Post Office (see marker above)
  • Site of Bill Moose encampment and cabin
  • Site of Beers Mill
  • Site of Weisheimer Mill
  • Site of Wyandot Country Club aka Elks Country Club (now the property of the School for the Deaf)
  • Site of old Beechwold Theatre
  • Studio 35
  • Park of Roses

Applications for the Ohio Historical Markers Program flow through the Ohio History Connection. A 2008 Dispatch article stated that markers cost as much as $2150, and that the Ohio Historical Society’s Marker program provides grants of $750 to 20 proposals each year.

The Clintonville Historical Society has recently launched its own campaign to get more markers on the street. They hope to get funding for 3 markers soon:

  • Beechwold/Urban Cottages to be placed on High at Dominion,
  • Memory Lane/Post office to be place on High at Orchard, and
  • SunwallMoonwall Murals/Dominion Land Co. Mound to be placed on Cooke at Indianola.

They plan to select additional markers based on feedback they receive from the community. Their goal is to install 10 markers in 2016. Plans are to obtain that feedback via a display installed at the Whetstone Library in April or May 2016. People interested in funding a marker should contact the Society by phone 614-657-6854 or email mrodger5@columbus.rr.com.


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