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Clintonville’s Historic Inventories

Historic Inventories are brief “snapshot” assessments of buildings to determine whether the buildings are of historic interest. Just 1 or 2 pages in length, an inventory is intended to provide a brief description of the location, background, and architecture of a building, site, structure, or object of architectural or historical significance.

The inventories have been written by students or by dedicated residents such as those in the Old Beechwold area, under the auspices of the Ohio Historical Society Historic Preservation Office. (The Beechwold residents did an especially terrific job of inventorying their neighborhood.) For more information about Ohio Historic Inventory Program, click here.

I’ve made a map of the places in Clintonville that have been inventoried; click on the thumbnail to the right to see it.

Linked below, in PDF format, are the historic-inventories for buildings in Clintonville as of July 2008.

Old Beechwold:
4765 North High, aka “the Gatekeeper’s House,” and also this version
4475 North High
177 West Jeffrey Place
30 West Beechwold
62 West Beechwold
80 West Beechwold
100 West Beechwold, and also this version
150 West Beechwold
209 West Beechwold
4783 Olentangy Blvd
4793 Olentangy Blvd
4805 Olentangy Blvd
4817 Olentangy Blvd and also this version
4820 Olentangy Blvd
4827 Olentangy Blvd
4831 Olentangy Blvd
4837 Olentangy Blvd
4935 Olentangy Blvd
23 West Riverview Park
75 West Riverview Park
81 West Riverview Park
121 Riverview Park
197 Riverview Park
157 Rustic Bridge
222 Rustic Bridge
4787 Rustic Bridge
4795 Rustic Bridge
4857 Rustic Bridge
4866 Rustic Bridge
4876 Rustic Bridge
4 West Royal Forest
52 West Royal Forest
91 West Royal Forest
115 West Royal Forest
128 West Royal Forest
201 West Royal Forest

North Broadway:
65 East North Broadway
77 East North Broadway
150 East North Broadway
155 East North Broadway
162 East North Broadway
177 East North Broadway
456 East North Broadway
489 East North Broadway

Elsewhere in Clintonville:
3119 North High
3377-3381 North High (Clinton Theatre)
3783 North High
3535 North High
149 East Kelso
45 East Crestview
238 Crestview
129-131 West Weber
259 Walhalla
334 Walhalla
224 East California
91 West Longview
191 West Delphi
163 Kenworth
203 Kenworth
265 Kenworth
285 Kenworth
289 Kenworth
629a Oakland Park
645 Oakland Park
189 Northmoor
3624 Weston Place
214 Arden (a Lustron home)
100 Webster Park
213 Webster Park
7 West Henderson (Maple Grove Church)
45 Weisheimer
239 Weisheimer
286 Weisheimer

And (technically) just south of Clintonville:
100 Arcadia (Old North High School)
Glen Echo United Presbyterian Church
290 Cliffside Dr
17 West Dodridge
44 West Dodridge and 44 West Dodridge
96-98 East Dodridge

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