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Chester Nicodemus’s Price List

nicodemus-price-listChester Nicodemus is a favorite Clintonville person of mine, in part because he lived on my street. I was delighted when Joe Motil shared an old 1978 Nicodemus Pottery price list with me. The pottery was dear, even back then! (Document courtesy of Joe Motil)

2 Responses to “Chester Nicodemus’s Price List”

  1. Judy Oelsen Says:

    I was not familiar with Mr Nicodemus until today, when I bought a piece of his pottery at an estate sale. It is an oblong shallow bowl, perhaps serving dish, approximately 12″ by 7″. I have read a lot on the Internet today, and am quite interested in knowing more about this piece I bought, and what it’s value might be. Could you help if I sent a picture? Thanks

  2. shyatt Says:

    So glad you were able to find one of his pieces! Sorry, I am not an expert who would be able to help you value that piece (or even to provide information on it). It’s just not my area of expertise. eBay is a quick-and-dirty source of information–just search on Chester Nicodemus and see what’s for sale and what price people are asking. That said, the items posted don’t always sell and if they do sell, not always at that price! But if you are registered on eBay you can do the same search to learn what items did sell. The Columbus Metropolitan Library may have books that collectors use to get information about these pieces, and I’m sure I’ve encountered web sites that have some “recent sales” information (from whenever the item was posted) about his work. If you can find other collectors of his work, they might be able to give you some guidance. Have fun with your quest!

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