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Beechwold Pharmacy

I received a request for additional photos of Beechwold Pharmacy, before the building became a flower shop. Beechwold Pharmacy was located at 4622 North High Street, owned by Arden and Pat Englebach, and had the last soda fountain in Columbus.

2 Responses to “Beechwold Pharmacy”

  1. David Thompson Says:

    This was my cousin (Patty), and her husbands pharmacy. They opened it many years ago after Arden and she came back from Germany, and he was discharged from the Army.

  2. Gregg jones Says:

    Great pic I was trying to explain to my daughter last month what a soda fountain was and how I would stop at this one on my way home from school and get a chocolate coke for a quarter .she didn’t believe it.

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