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Algy Strayer McBride, 1932-2015

There is no doubt that my book Clintonville & Beechwold, and this ClintonvilleHistory.com web site, would not exist if it had not been for the support and encouragement of Algy McBride.

I first met Algy in 2007, when I thought I “might” write a history of Clintonville. He was the long-standing president of the Clintonville Historical Society at the time, and enthusiastic about getting the book written. We were strangers, but he opened his house and the wealth of his library and history collection to me. He was an indefatigable source of information about people I should call and stories I should look into.

Algy was intellectually rich and curious, and so active and involved…with the local genealogical society, with the local senior center, with civil war discussion groups, even with the annual Clintonville Fourth of July flag raising ceremony. It takes my breath away even now, thinking back on Algy, his support of his community, his support of me.

Algy’s obituary can be found here
and Southwick-Good’s video tribute can be found here

Algy, we’ll all miss you.

2 Responses to “Algy Strayer McBride, 1932-2015”

  1. Melissa Goodrich Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Indeed, Algy was tirelss over the last 15+ years in his support of and interest in local history. He will be missed.

  2. Michael Leyshon Says:

    I was fortunate to spend quality time with Mr. McBride and his son years ago. We went on a road trip to pick up a Christmas tree, crossing Delaware and Licking counties. A whole day that passed quickly and was a lot of fun. Mostly on account of Algy’s stories as we drove. His way of telling them was an art form ! His service to the community and his family should stand as an example for all to emulate.

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