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Aldrich home

The land just south of Henderson and High was originally owned by Asa L. Parker, and was called Maple Grove Farm. Parker had purchased the land at sheriff’s sale in 1875 for $3,144. Judge Orlando W. Aldrich acquired the land from Parker in 1882, for the sum of $10,000. The old Aldrich home was charming, with a tower jutting two stories above the roof of the house. Judge Aldrich had used the tower as a study and a personal art gallery. From it one got a very good view of the Ohio State University buildings and the river valley. (Drawing by Bill Arter)

The farm remained in the Aldrich family until 1923, when Charles F. Johnson purchased it and sold it in turn to Frank Sweigart. Sweigart remodeled the house, converted it into what has been variably called “Southern Colonial” or “Greek Revival”, and moved it so that it would face Aldrich Road instead of High Street. The house was later demolished to make way for a parking lot.

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4 Responses to “Aldrich home”

  1. Karen L. Longava Says:

    This is very interesting to me because my Grandfather Frank Sweigart didn’t have photos of the entire home, only the porch with his sons and daughters sitting on the steps. I have to admit it had a lot more character before the renovation.

  2. Julie Sagstetter Says:

    I have a more detailed photo of the Sweigert home when the last family lived there. They were told the house would not be torn down by Maple Grove Church who purchased it.

  3. shyatt Says:

    If you can digitize and email it to me, I’d love to include the image on my web site!

  4. Lois Morgan Says:

    I have had a letter for many years which was inside an old book on Shakespeare. It is from ‘Amy L. deHousenrike” or perhaps deHousenripe who was living in Clintonville at the time of the writing to her friend. I have no last name for the friend, whose first name was “Martha”, who had just lost a brother to death.
    I can find no surname even close to this one, but have thought for years that I would like the descendants of one of these ladies to have the letter. Have you an people now in this area by that last name?
    Thank you for any help.

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