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92 Walhalla

After reading the entry on this web site about 100 Walhalla, Sarah Ellis contacted me with some information about her own house, 92 Walhalla. She shared the following:

An interesting article from the OSU website, and
An article that appeared in the This Week newspaper in 2009 when 92 Walhalla was on the homes tour.

Thanks Sarah!

2 Responses to “92 Walhalla”

  1. Judy Buster Says:

    I find this background information fascinating. How would I go about finding out the history of my house, 55 Northmoor Pl.? I’ve been told by neighbors that is was built as The Electric House of the Future, but I can’t find anything to corroborate that.

  2. shyatt Says:

    Pretty interesting question! Your house was supposedly built around 1938. I found a Popular Science Magazine spread about “the Electric Home of the Future here:

    Of course, the drawings are “theoretical” but the houses of course share the same architectural style. What a kick if your floor plans matched theirs, or if your house still has some of the model electric appliances. Does it?

    I did not find an inventory about your house at the Ohio History Connections State Historic Preservation Office, nor any specific information about it at the Columbus Landmarks Foundation. I asked around and here are some suggestions from Mary Rodgers, CHS President:

    “Contact John DeFourney, the realtor for the seller of the house, as he may know. I am pretty sure it was featured in a Columbus Dispatch article.

    “The longest owner on the record was Zoey Rorris. She has passed away and is buried at Union Cemetery. I believe that one of Zoey Rorris’ children (Evangeline) still lives in the Columbus area. Ancestry shows her in the 1960 Makio and in several Columbus directories using the address 55 Northmoor. I …suggest you contact the Greek Orthodox Church, tell them the purpose (finding out more about the house) and ask if they can put them in touch with Evangeline. Zoey and her husband Constantine were very involved in that church. They were the first generation to come to America. Evangeline is very likely a member. She may have been married. If so, they would know her married name. Zoey owned the house from 1945-1969. Evangeline was in college in 1960 so most of her childhood would have been spent in the house. She may be a great source of stories!”

    I also suggest visiting the Local History and Genealogy Department at the downtown Columbus Metropolitan Library, and see whether they have any suggestions.

    I find this topic very interesting and hope you’ll share whatever you learn, with me and this web site. Thanks!

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