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Presbyterian Synod

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

From 1956 until 1975, the United Presbyterian Synod owned the building at 3040 North High Street, at the corner of Weber and North High Street. The building later served as the Capital Care Center, an adult health services clinic that provided, among many other health services, abortions, and as a consequence the building became known for the demonstrations held weekly at that corner for almost 20 years. The building has since been torn down, but this is a picture of the empty lot in 2007.

And here is a Google Earth image of the old building’s rooftop in 2004.

Clinton League on “Columbus Neighborhoods”

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

WOSU will be airing the story of the Clinton League this Thursday night (1/4) at 8:30pm on WOSU TV (34.1), repeating Sunday (1/7) at 12pm. In case you miss it, it will be available on WOSU’s website www.columbusneighborhoods.org and its Facebook page a few days later.

Here’s a link to a preview video:

Columbus in Photographs Preview